Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Revit server & team management

I have recently started using Revit server across two teams (Roumania & Québec) and I have to say that I am very impressed by the rapidity of the synchronization between the models. Unfortunatelly the revit worksharing monitor available with the subscription is not working with Revit server. But anyway I have an idea to manage the team ... the new worksharing display feature in the 2012 release ...


  1. Great Blog Carl.
    We are trying to find good working solutions to work together with different firms in 1 model. Do you have experience with that. Or are you only working together with in different places but with the same firm? Like to hear from you again. Teun de Vries.

    1. Thank you Teun,
      actually we are working with in different business units in the same firm across America, Europe and Asia. We do have some issue right now with high latency network even if we are using Revit server 2012. The best solution we have found so far is a remote VPN connection which is a good solution for field mobility also. If you want to talk with me there is a link at the upper right corner of my blog for my private email adress. Hope to hear from you !

    2. Assuming that you work with Revit, when you say ... different firms in 1 model ... are these firms working in multidisciplinary relations? I mean an architect, a structural engineer and a MEP engineer? If so, how do you address the project template issue? All the symbols, families, title blocks used for each trades may vary depending on how they are used to display their drawings. What are the contractual relations between each of them? Are you working in an IPD contractual arrangement (joint-venture, consortium)? If so, is there an independent consultancy firm hired to manage the BIM process?


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