Thursday, March 8, 2012

BIM chapter 1 Introduction

There are several definitions of BIM. As the boundaries are often changing they become unclear or poorly defined. Because the concept itself is not adopted by the majority of the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), its rapid expansion is puzzling on several points bringing confusion and misunderstanding. This result therefore precludes its role to bring together the joint efforts of the team towards the ultimate goal being to save time and minimize fragmentation in the industry.

The perception of BIM in the industry have 2 side. On one side BIM is perceived by the community people, as the emergence and maturity of research that have revolved around the construction industry during the last years, while academic research define it as a purely theoretical concept that have not reach is apogee. We can therefore expect to see it growing with new concepts in the next few years but we must concede that we have still reach an important step.

The next comming posts will be another attempt to explain facets of the term BIM. Engineers, architects and contactors can now handle a volume of information but they must learn to share a data volume which they are not packaged. Logistics and infrastructure around the BIM is now becoming a major issue in decision making. My goal in the topics I will try to explain thoses concept, methods and technologies revolving around the BIM.

Carl Veillette

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