Monday, April 9, 2012

Activating worksharing in your project template

Have you ever tried to activate the worksharing in a .rte file (Revit project template) ? If so you may have observe that the worksets tool is not available.

Here is a work around to active the worksharing in your project template :
  1. First edit the extension of your template for .rvt instead of .rte
  2. Open the .rvt file
  3. Activate the worksharing
  4. Save the file
  5. Modify the extension for .rte instead of .rvt
  6. Now you have your new project template with worksharing activated
While starting a new project, you will be asked to save back the central file because it have been moved. This is because you have modified the file extension and Revit doesn't make any difference between moving and renaming a file. 

By activating the worsharing in your templates you can set the manager as an owner of the families, project standards & views to "lock" them and avoid users to do modifications on specific settings or objects.

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