Monday, April 9, 2012

Exchange Apps

After Apple's apps store, I am glad to present Autodesk's own apps market : Exchange App for Revit !

I found somme really interestng free apps. Here is my top 5

Solibri IFC Optimizer
 Solibri, Inc.
Solibri IFC Optimizer is built for optimizing ISO Standard IFC files. Optimization is lossless and the file size can be reduced by up to 90%. Optimized files are significantly faster to exchange and open. While plain compression (zip) reduces the typical file size to 15-30% of the original, the typical loading (IFC import) time does not change. With Solibri IFC Optimizer the optimized and compressed file can be only about 6% of the original file size and it opens in 17% of the original loading time. The actual ratios depend on how much redundancy the original file has.

Revit IFC Export Alternate UI 

This application provides an alternate user interface for the export of IFC files from Revit. This new user interface offers additional options not provided in the standard Revit user interface, and provides the ability to store setup configurations into the Revit model for reuse.

Revit Family Tools

The Revit Family Tools allow for easy Revit file management. This program has tools for comparing and merging shared parameters, deleting backup files, type catalog tools, and a family file version detector. Often we must edit our type catalogs, and those files must be saved using the .txt file extension for Revit to use them. However, at times we edit our type catalogs in Microsoft Excel, and later export them to .csv files. Upon completion we manually change the file extensions to .txt for use by Revit. The “Type Catalog Tools” tab automates this conversion from .csv to .txt. Creating families in Revit is typically tied into Shared Parameters. These parameters posses certain properties that must be unique between family files so the information can be entered in a similar way, and so that the families may be properly scheduled or exported to external data management solutions. If multiple shared parameter files start entering your family creation environment, it can be very difficult to manage which parameters to use, and determine which files contain which parameters. Merge Shared Parameters- Once shared parameter files have been compared, there are times when it makes sense to combine multiple files into a single file for future family creation. The “Merge Shared Params” function makes this process very easy. It can copy parameters and groups from one parameter file to the next. It assists in the detection of family versions. It is used to detect the version in which the family was last saved, and can get as detailed as the web update that was applied to the Revit application at the time of save. This is useful for determining if upgrading is needed, or perhaps if a family can be used in projects that are not on the current release of Revit prior to attempting loading.

File Upgrader  

File Upgrader will batch upgrade previous versions of Revit files to the Revit 2013 format. The tool is intended to help upgrade family contents, template files as well as project files. Every time users open a Revit file which was saved in a previous version of Revit, a standard dialog is displayed in the Revit user interface stating that the file is being upgraded. During the display of this dialog, Revit tries to upgrade the document to the current version. This slows down the process of opening a file. To save time opening older file versions during each of the subsequent attempts to open the file, users can manually open each of the Revit files and save it to the current version. This can be time consuming if there is a large set of files to upgrade across various folders and sub-folders. The File Upgrader tool saves time and manual labor by automating this process. This plug-in was first published as an ADN Plugin of the Month: The plug-in has been provided with the complete source code needed to build the application, with the intention of encouraging users of Autodesk software to use programming to tailor the products they use to their specific business needs.

Wiip MoveBackup

Revit create backup copies of the project at the same level than the project or the family file. This little utility allow you to move these files in a subdirectory named Backup.

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