Saturday, April 21, 2012

Accepting changes in the AEC industry

Sometimes peoples are asking me : "Why is Revit so difficult to learn ?" or "Why is BIM so hard to understand? " These are really good questions.

Like many other BIM softwares, Revit is a complex software (in terms of feature in the package) that can create drawings easily. This have been said, the real question should be : "Why are you so badly holding your old habits and blinding yourself from evolution & technology opportunities ?"

Old men answer : It was working like that 10 years ago. Why should we change a winning formula ?

My answer : The market is evolving and construction process are changing. Do you want growing opportunities and expand your buisness ? I am not saying that your actual proccess is bad, however dont't you agree that it can be improved ? Charles Darwin was saying : "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."and this is also true for the AEC industry. With BIM you can now plug any graphic or non graphic information such as time scheduling and technical data sheets in your model then share it with your project management system, estimation system or create automation opportunities. The idea is to centralize the information in a unique database to be able to create relationship between construction objects. By using the building information model in the different project lifecycle, from early design to facility management you are creating this database. Project players don't have to input the information in the same interface if you improve the interoperability between your softwares when there is no non-proprietary format available such as IFC, SDNF, CIS/2, etc. Bridging data between softare usually lead to new improved business process by eliminating redundant data input. Information can be viewable, shared, sorted, analysed or grouped to calculate almost everything you can imagine.

Don't be afraid of sharing, collaborating and exposing your ideas. Remember that if you don't pay attention to the new trends and delivery standards you're never going to survive according to the
"Theory of evolution"!

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