Tuesday, September 4, 2012

IPD & extended team collaboration

Currently working to find sufficient documentation to integrate IPD & WAN collaboration in my worksharing & team management classes in Québec city ... hope people are going to be open-minded. The biggest challenge is to deal with the law that is far behind us ... are we ready for that ? I don't know but I am still dreaming of the day were we can share all our expertise and knowledge freely without worrying about who's responsible for what ... anyway in my class engineers and architects have to collaborate and I have to say that it's as fun as looking children playing together ;-) ! 

Integrated Project Delivery means :

"… facilities managers, end users, contractors and suppliers are all involved at the start of the design process
… processes are outcome-driven and decisions are not made solely on a first cost basis
… all communications throughout the process are clear, concise, open, transparent, and trusting
… designers fully understand the ramifications of their decisions at the time the decisions are made
… risk and reward are value-based and appropriately balanced among all team members over the life of a project
… the industry delivers a higher quality and sustainable built environment"

Integrated Project Delivery : A Guide, The American Institute of Architects

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