Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cloning Revit Structure Families

I've been quite latelly and it is because I was very busy with the work but also because I decided to post higher quality content and not only hot news. So today it's my first post on Revit cloning.

Well what is Revit Structure cloning ? It's the term I use to describe the duplication of the same structural sections families for different uses and different contexts. An exemple is shown below using a C-Channel section :

Here is the standard out-of-the-box Revit family with the automatic setback behavior :

Here is a family with the setback disabelled (manual imput of extension from working point available in the proprieties) (very useful for complex connections nodes)

Here is a family built to relocate itself automatically in between two structural bay (For shear connector modeling purpose)

For sure you can use the out of the box famillies and adapt them for theses different context but it is very time consuming and it is not very dynamic when there are modifications required to the grids and levels.

Next time you create structural content do not forget to ask your team what behavior is the best to suit their needs.

Happy cloning !