Thursday, February 28, 2013

Both sides of technology in both languages

I watched two kids who were sitting side by side and talked with their cell phones on FaceBook this week without too much stop at this stage because it becomes commonplace. To all readers who follow me you know how I love technology. In fact some of my work requires all these new communications equipment such as video conferencing system. I was first excited a few years ago with the idea to make BIM projects with extended teams with this technology, but now I have a few questions about the effects of the latter on social development in teams. Is that video conferencing beneficial for a company? On the monetary side, probably. On the social level, I have a lot of trouble believing it. I'm not old school, but I still believe that nothing beats direct contact with people. This chemistry that we develop with our business partners and often allows us to put aside our peers in order to solve all the real problems facing this team I think is the main reason why a project is successfull and everyone enjoy it. More people collaborate and efficiency is higher. More efficiency is higher and monetary gains are important. Does remote communication systems are beneficial in monetary terms for a company? It all depends of the price that is attributed to the development of team spirit. What do you think about it?

Je regardais deux gamins qui étaient assis côte à côte et qui se parlaient avec leur téléphone cellulaire sur FaceBook cette semaine sans trop m'arrêter à cette scène devenue courante. Pour tous les lecteurs qui me suivent vous savez comment j'aime la technologie. En fait une partie de mon travail nécessite tous ces nouveaux engins de communications tel que les système de vidéo conférence. J'ai semblé d'abord excité il y a quelques années à l'idée de pouvoir réaliser des projets BIM avec des équipes de travail étendues avec cette technologie, mais maintenant je me pose quelques questions sur les effets de celle-ci sur le développement social dans les équipes. Est-ce que la vidéo-conférence est bénéfique pour une compagnie ? Sur le plan monétaire, probablement. Sur le plan social, j'ai beaucoup de misère à y croire. Je ne suis pas de la vieille école, mais je continue de croire que rien ne vaut le contact direct avec les gens. Cette chimie que l'on développe avec nos partenaires de travail et qui souvent nous permet de mettre nos égaux de coté afin de solutionner ensemble les vrais problèmes auxquels l'équipe fait face c'est selon moi la principale raison pour qu'un projet soit un succès et que tout le monde y prennent plaisir. Plus les gens collaborent et plus le rendement est élevé. Plus le rendement est élevé et plus les gains monétaires sont importants. Est-ce que les systèmes de communication distante sont bénéfique sur le plan monétaire pour une compagnie ? Tout dépends du prix que l'on attribue au développement de l'esprit d'équipe. Qu'en pensez vous ?


  1. My own story on the above subject.... Being myself an extensive user of video conference systems for the past 8 years, I can testify that you will achieve your objectives, irrespective of their financial or human nature, if you "believe" into the project and the people with whom you work.
    Team spirit can be "felt" thru a video conference system. I know because I work with teams with whom we have developed this. Would it be better to work side-by-side all day long ? Most probably. But in today reality, as working on projects which integrate world-wide offices is becoming a norm for many compagnies, I will take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to the guy who came with the video conference technology because he makes my day-to-day life at work soooooo much easier !!

  2. Thank you very much Anonymous for your testimonial. This is the really the kind of discussion I wanted to generate through this post. First I'd like to say that I totally agree that internationnal teams can not be always seated together. So yes, video conference is a fantastic tool in that mind. In fact, my point was based on the assumption that the closer teams (all trades combined) can move to a common office to improve the knowledge available for each decision made during the design process but also to help them collaborate. In fact, each of the parties have something valuable to add in a decision making process. I think that bringing the contractor's expertise at the very early stage of the project can help make more clever decisions during the conceptual stage. I have been working with world-wide offices too and it worked very well with video-conference. As much as I no longer have to travel. So I am kind of disappointed by the efficiency of this communication system as I really like traveling and meeting new people :-P ! Maybe I should think of recycling myself as a travel agent ... nah just kidding. I like my job and what I do too much for that ! The only thing I deplore is not to be able to organise more workshop with clients and others teams. Maybe time is going to solve many things, but guess what ? I am not only an early adopter of new processes, I am a fast adopter and time is making me crazy this is why I free up my mind on my blog ;-) !


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