Thursday, June 13, 2013

Autodesk® Revit® Platform 2013 Enhancements - Update release 3

Update release 3 is now available for Revit 2013 ! This is a good one, finally !
  • Improves stability when using Hardware Acceleration, Graphics Mode. 
  • Improves stability when opening projects which utilize Extensible Storage.
  • Improves visual fidelity between canvas and printed output. 
  • Improves visual fidelity of hidden lines, MEP pipe centerlines and haloed gaps when not using Hardware Acceleration, Graphics Mode. 
  • Improves Structural family data integrity during upgrade of project.
  • Improves data integrity when canceling Save As operation.
  • Improves interaction between Revit Server 2013 and Riverbed compression.
  • Enables users to browse Revit Server Networks when a bound workstation cannot contact the Domain Controller.

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