Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Creating automatic sheets total in Revit ! Because yes you can !

Many users have asked me over the years, how can I extract total number of sheets in Revit and display it in title blocks. As many discussions on forums ( suggests, we can add a shared parameter in the project and in your title block family then enter the value manually and update it every time the total number of sheets changes.

However, there is an other more "dynamic" (some will say more "BIM") approach that will update the count automatically.

Here are the differents steps to follow :


  1. How is this practical when I am working with linked models and my total sheet count is over 600 sheets?

  2. When you are in the schedule you can go in the field tab and check "include element in linked files" and Voilà ! Enjoy !

  3. How do you incorporate the count in your Title Block Family? Am I missing something here? Thanks to clarify

  4. Unfortunately it has to be placed on sheets manually. However you can use copy-paste to selected views to automate the process.


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