Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is this Bentley technician stealing my Autodesk Revit Content ?

By now, many of you have heard about the exciting announcements Bentley did with their RFA interpreter. The RFA Interpreter will enable you to use parametric content in RFA format (Revit family) that is readily available from manufacturers on the internet.

The RFA Interpreter in AECOsim Building Designer WILL allow the RFA to:
·        Access and select the types defined within the RFA
·        Retain its native parametric behaviors and properties, which will be exercisable in AECOsim Building Designer (such as lengths and angles)
·        Retain its business properties (Such as manufacturer, catalog number, and fire rating)
·        Retain its perforator, to allow content to cut openings (such as doors and windows)
·        Retain its mechanical & plumbing connection points (for air handlers, plumbing fixtures, etc.)
·        Retain its 2D plan and elevation symbols
·        Register itself with the DataGroup Catalog, mapping its business and parametric properties to counterparts in AECOsim Building Designer
·        Map RFA attributes to ABD symbology and/or Part & Family
·        Behave like a native ABD element (similar to BXF or PAZ)
·        Support RFA content versions 2009-2014

The RFA interpreter in AECOsim Building Designer WILL NOT support:
·        Revit system types (walls, curtain wall, stairs, etc..)
·        2D only RFAs (title blocks tags, profiles, etc..)
·        Embedded formats (DWG, SKP, etc. placed inside the RFA)
·        Changing the original RFA definition

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