Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creating metal stud walls in Revit without extensions !

I wanted to demonstrate how you can use curtain walls in Revit and custom  profile families to create metal stud wall. In the following video you can see how reshaping the wall and adding frame for openings is easily done with the curtain wall tools. For those of you working in the structure field and who are not used of playing with the curtain wall tool,  it really worth giving it a try and pushing the boundaries of this tool.

This method works for standard metal stud walls but if you need to create shop detail I suggest  you have a look at the MWF Pro Wall from StrucSoft solution. This is a really interesting tool. I had the chance to visit them at their office in Montreal few years ago and George Ajami, the president, really stay tuned to his clients feedback.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Having big fun with box trusses and adaptive components in Revit !

Here is a video I did to show a problem I am running into with nested adaptive components. I may have missed something and if anyone can stop my headache it would be awesome :-) !

This stick frame is only the beginning of an idea but it's already easier to model box trusses with slopes in 3 direction with that kind of tool + the pick beam into the project then manually creating sections and reference planes in the project to create the final frame.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Revit from conception to manufacturing with all steps illustrated !

In the 2 previous posts (Transforming computational design in functional structures in Revit and Custom IFC export from Revit ... easier then I thought !) I was talking about creating analytic lines from Revit adaptive components and also about customizing IFC export from Revit. Both combine these two topics can literally boost your structural design workflow by increased interoperability !

  1. Conceptual design with Revit conceptual massing tools
  2. Detailled design with Revit adaptive components and repeat and divide tool
  3. Analysis using Revit structural analytic model
  4. Documentation using Revit adaptive components, assembly views and annotations
  5. Connections design and manufacturing using data from a tweaked Revit export to IFC.

Transforming computational design in functional structures in Revit

This workflow is somehow hard to get in Revit because you can't get correct analytic lines from nested families in adaptive component. So you have to create the adaptive component place it with Dynamo on your mass then create manually all the structural framing using the pick line tool in the project.

I found a great video by Nathan Miller on his Youtube chanel. Automating the creation of analytic lines for complex structures like that is something I have tried to do for a while now in Revit. What is interesting about their plug-in is that it automates the process of creating manually all the objects in Revit. However I am not using Rhino nor Grasshopper so I guess I'll have to wait before seeing this same plug-in working only in the Revit environment with Dynamo.