Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Revit slab editing tip ... the swiss cheese method !

A lot of you are probably already using this tip but, just in case someone missed it, here is the Swiss Cheese method to edit slabs !

First this method is very useful if you have to create a slab with multiple slope and an irregular perimeter profile like this curved slab here :

You probably noticed  that editing the slab's boundary sketch creates additional nodes with "default" elevation which causes constraints or dimension lines  removal on details. This can be especially painful when you are at the final stage of project documentation, you edit a slab, and get that kind of warnings :

And that result  ... outch ...

The suggestion is very simple. Create a rectangular slab, set the elevations all around with the shape editing tools then removed  the part of the boundary using the vertical opening tool. Obviously, make sure you draw a sketch of the part you want to remove not the part you want to keep !

Voilà !

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