Monday, December 16, 2013

BIM for cities !

This weekend I was playing with this relatively new tool from Autodesk called Infraworks (previously infrastructure modeller). Yes, I am now spending my time building virtual cities and learning GIS or let's say it in a more inspiring way I am learning how to create a better world :P !

I wanted to share with my readers what I have been able to build within few hours so
I created this little quiz :

1-Try to find the name of this city :

Clue :

2-Try to find the name of this city :

Clue :

Answer 1: Montreal, QC, Canada !
Answer 2: Toronto, ON, Canada !

This software reminds me this video game called Simcity ... it might be why I like it so much !

Québec city is the next one on my list !

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