Friday, April 4, 2014

Building Toronto virtual city using Infraworks: A collaborative approach for sustainable development

Last month BIM One & ORUG met at a restaurant on Spadina, Toronto with a small group of folks to talk about Autodesk Infraworks and the development of a Toronto virtual city. 

During this first session we have :
  • Identified members expectations
  • Presented the model
  • Identified that a potential collaboration solution could be Infraworks 360.
  • That it would be valuable to add underground infrastructure data
  • Identified that the model is currently developed with Infraworks R4
  • BIM One will be updating the data in the virtual city model.
  • Identified that everyone who share data can get the model for free.
  • Identified that the there is no favourite file format, it only has to be directly supported by Infraworks.
  • Demonstrated how your existing 2D CAD and GIS data can be easily converted into 3D 
  • Established that the city will be split in "squares" with number to facilitate area assignment to collaborators.

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